Burton Group: Enterprise 2.0 Report: Table of Contents

Judging on the TOC, Mike Gotta of Burton Group finished an impressive report on Enterprise 2.0. I’ve put it on my readinglist … 

… A few people asked for an executive summary of the report published recently on Enterprise 2.0 (availability of the report for Burton Group clients was posted here). I included the summary to the report (which basically is the executive summary, or synopsis as we call it) in that posting. Unfortunately, that’s all I can share in terms of large excerpts from the document and I don’t have time to write a separate summary at the moment. You can gleam aspects of the report from my blog postings and I have included the table of contents below to help non-clients gain a better understanding of what the document covers: …

Check Mike’s blog for the details :

Source: Enterprise 2.0 Report: Table of Contents
Mike Gotta
Date Published: Thu, 20 Dec 2007