Handson experience with Microsoft RoundTable + Office Live Meeting 2007

Mike Gotta of Burton Group experienced LiveMeeting 2007 with Microsoft Roundtable and was clearly impressed.

We have a few Roundtable devices already internally at Microsoft Netherlands so are able to use them every now and then. As soon as they become available more mainstream they will become the standard. Also the interest of clients is there and orders are coming in.

The audio (VOIP) and video quality of LiveMeeting 2007 is awesome by the way.

Would be curious if and when competitive platforms will start supporting Microsoft Roundtable like Mike points out …

… I have to say that as a presenter, I was impressed with the experience delivered by the combination of RoundTable and Live Meeting 2007. Feedback from other people participating in the session was equally positive. The audio quality from RoundTable was perceived to be better than the previous conferencing option used. The panoramic video display that RoundTable delivers within the Live Meeting console also received positive comments. The tracking capability of RoundTable was also very good – as people conversed or moved about, the RoundTable system tracked changes in speaker and their location. As I wandered back and forth in front of the room (for instance, to point out certain items on a slide), the system consistently found me in a flawless manner.  The IT folks told me that RoundTable installed without a problem and the integration with MOLM 2007 was seamless.

I expect RoundTable (with its price point) to have a significant impact on how people think about group conferencing (e.g., bridging co-located groups with remote groups). It would be nice to see RoundTable integrated with other web conferencing tools however – it’s nice (and expected) to see the level of integration with Live Meeting 2007 but I would like to see interoperability with other tools as well (e.g., IBM Lotus Sametime or Adobe Connect or Cisco Latitude).  …

Source: Microsoft RoundTable + Office Live Meeting 2007
Author: Mike Gotta
Date originally published: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 15:24:31 GMT

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