Collaborage: SharePoint and Social Software

Through my colleague Roberto D’Angelo, I came across the blog of Todd Stephens. He is the Technical Director of the Collaboration and Online Services for the AT&T Corporation and clearly a Microsoft / SharePoint enthusiast. His blog Collaborage is all about Enterprise 2.0 related topics ..

In his post about SharePoint and Social Software he makes a good assessment of SharePoint capabilities in this area …

… After my fifth phone call and email on this topic, I think it’s time to create an informative post on a confusing topic. Can Sharepoint and Social Software exist in the same environment or must you choose one or the other. The first step in answering this question is to layout a framework for the components of Enterprise 2.0 and see how Sharepoint matches up. Using Dion Hinchcliff’s model as a guide here are the basic components.

The percentages are my assessment of how Sharepoint matches up from a functionality point of view.

– Weblog (80%)

– Wiki (70%)

– Collaboration 2.0 (100%)

– Social Tagging (20%)

– Predictive Markets (20%)

– Professional Profiles (70% wss and 150%* with MOSS)

– Document Management (90%)

Clearly, the main benefit of going with Sharepoint for all of these elements is the integration and centralized environment. However, if your company is going to go with the best of breed then you may look toward other solutions.

Source: SharePoint and Social Software
Date originally published: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 17:21:31 GMT