Simple VoIP Shifting To Unified Communications

Confirming developments in my earlier post, VOIP / UC are developments that are definitely gaining momentum. The majority of our Enterprise customers today have implemented, started or planned an IP Telephony project. Many of them are exploring deeper or full integration with their IT environment in the form of desktop integration, presence integration and even integration in business applications …

… The rise of unified communications and the entry of major players like Microsoft(MSFT) into the voice-over-IP business are just two examples of how simple Internet-based communications are changing the marketplace, according to one industry analyst.

Allan Sulkin, an industry analyst and long-time contributor to Business Communications Review, notes that the voice networking software business has definitely shifted in the last 10 years.

“Only now are people getting past the education phase of why Internet voice software is important and discovering how to integrate IP phone systems in their business,” Sulkin told InformationWeek on Monday. Sulkin is one of several experts in the field advising attendees on VoIP trends at this week’s VoiceCon show in San Francisco.

Sulkin said the massive shift to IP-based phones is a telltale sign that companies are rethinking their communications infrastructure.

“Five years ago, I asked a crowd like the one I spoke to today how many had IP phone systems in their offices. About 5% said they did. I asked the audience today, and somewhere between 65% to 70% said they use IP phones in the office,” Sulkin said. …

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