Microsoft Home Server is coming …

There’s quite a lot of announcements / discussions on Microsoft’s upcoming release of Microsoft Home Server. This product will most certainly fulfill a big need in many homes in terms of (central) storage, security and management for the home PC’s …

Check out some of the news of the last few days :

  • Windows Home Server – Are You Excited?

    … Are you excited about Microsoft Windows Home Server?

    I think I may be. I have often pondered running a server at home, but the thought of actually managing it left me cold. Well, I may just warm up to Home Server. I have not beta tested it, so my opinion is based on the opinions of others. …

  • Amazon leaks price, date of first Windows Home Server box

    … Details and prices of the first home server running Microsoft’s Windows Home Server software were posted briefly on several online stores. …

  • Some More Home Server: HP MediaSmart Pricing Leaked – Systems Listed at

    … We’ve been waiting eagerly for more information on HP’s MediaSmart server, and to date, they’ve been pretty coy about releasing any – especially pricing! Good news, though, are today listing two HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server systems on their site, whilst elsewhere, pricing has been mistakenly published (and then pulled) on a couple of online retail sites – PC Mall and Best Buy also have some new information to share. I guess HP will be miffed.   

    So what do we know? There will be 500Gb and 1Tb variants, with the following US pricing: 

    500Gb HP MediaSmart EX470 (GG795AA#ABA) – $596 (£299)
    1Tb HP MediaSmart EX475 (GG796AA#ABA) $745 (£374)

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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