Microsoft trumps Google on free e-mail storage limit

I am sure this is not the last increase we’ve seen from either party. Bottom line is that it’s good for consumers …

Microsoft increases Live Hotmail’s storage limit for a free account to 5GB, adds a ‘report phishing’ link for better security

Microsoft is increasing the storage limit for its Web-based e-mail service, surpassing competitor Google’s limit but far short of Yahoo’s unlimited storage.

The limit for a free Windows Live Hotmail account will increase from 2GB to 5GB. The change will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks along with a series of other upgrades, wrote Ellie Powers-Boyle, a Microsoft program manager, on a company blog.

Google offers around 2.8GB of storage space for a free account. Last week, Google began selling storage space that can be used for either its Gmail or Picasa photo sharing services for $20 a year for another 6GB as well as more expensive plans. …