BusinessWeek Online: Future Work

Mike Gotta refers to an article on BusinessWeek online which features a user poll on the future of work. Mike also posted a whole list of very interesting articles with information that influence the way we (will) work, etc.

A lot of clients I work with are starting some sort of change process that goes far beyond “just” implementing new IT solutions or moving to a new Office building. They see changes in the way people work, where and how they work (need to) change. This ‘New World of Work’ is a real exiting journey …

… Timely articles on  the changing nature of work, workers and workplace:


Ten Years From Now…

We polled 2,000 execs, and the prognosis is surprisingly positive

Online Extra: Online Poll — Ten Years from Now…

A BusinessWeek poll indicates big changes are ahead in tomorrow’s workplace

Source: BusinessWeek Online: Future Work
Author: Mike Gotta
Date originally published: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:32:06 GMT