Microsoft and EMC – Managing Content Across an Enterprise

Do you know the situation when clients ask you “how does your solution work together / integrate with what we already have ?” …

Well a lot of organisations use EMC’s Documentum solutions and they are also in the process of deploying more of the Microsoft 2007 Office System are more specific deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

In above situations Microsoft and EMC are already working together quite closely and now to inform organisations on possibilities and integration related matters EMC and Microsoft have also produced a whitepaper :

The Enterprise Content Management platforms from Microsoft and Documentum EMC can be deployed in different ways to address a range of content management requirements within a digitally driven enterprise. Working together, Microsoft and Documentum EMC make it easy for their customers to develop a content ecosystem that enhances business value. This paper describes the options available to customers who want to take advantage of both Microsoft and Documentum EMC solutions.


On the EMC website there’s also a lot of information available on MOSS 2007 and Documentum integration :

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