Informing Decision-Making for Customers at the Crossroads in Their Server-Purchasing Choices


Announced today, the Windows Server/Compare site provides customers with in-depth resources and comparative information about Windows Server, Linux and UNIX.

… Enterprise customers at the crossroads of their server platform investments must weigh numerous considerations.

To name a few: What server technologies are best suited to particular workloads? Which platform will deliver the desired security, reliability and cost savings while interoperating smoothly with disparate technologies? And what can be learned about Windows Server and competitive offerings such as Linux and UNIX from third-party analysts and from customers who have had direct experience with the alternatives?

To help customers answer these and other questions, Microsoft today launched a new Web site, Windows Server/Compare. Designed to help enterprises with their server purchasing decisions, and provide customers with real-world examples of comparative evaluations, the new site is an evolution of the Microsoft “Get the Facts” Web property.

For more information on the new site and the changes in the marketplace that led to its creation, PressPass spoke with Ryan Gavin, director of Platform Strategy at Microsoft. …

Source: Informing Decision-Making for Customers at the Crossroads in Their Server-Purchasing Choices
Author: Date originally published: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 15:00:00 GMT

The website is clear, covers the major topics and refers to analyst material and customer case studies :

Microsoft Windows Compare site 

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