Ferris Blog: Presence-Enabling Enterprise Applications

A post David Sengupta of Ferris Research highlights the importance of RTC solutions beyond the RTC solution itself, Presence; the ability to integrate this solution in Enterprise Applications; this is where the real value lies; presence enabling your primary business processes …

… Presence-Enabling Enterprise Applications.
Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 has recently been released to manufacturing, so we can expect to hear a lot of noise out of Redmond around presence and voice. …

…. Consider a typical CRM solution, for example. You’re looking at a customer record, and see a list of all email communications that others on your sales team have had with a given customer. Prior to calling the customer, you want to consult with someone from your sales team about a particular customer issue that needed resolution. Has it been fixed?

The typical approach would be to look up your colleague’s phone number in the following manner:

  1. Launch Outlook Address Book.
  2. Point to Global Address List.
  3. Double-click his/her name.
  4. Find appropriate number.
  5. Dial on your desktop phone.

If your CRM application were presence-enabled, and if your company had OCS 2007 deployed in-house, then the process could be reduced to:

  1. Right-click your colleague’s name in the CRM record.
  2. Choose “Call this Person” or “Send an Instant Message to this Person.” …

David Sengupta

Source: Presence-Enabling Enterprise Applications
Author: Ferris Research
Date originally published: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 00:26:40 GMT