Deploying Windows Mobile 6 Powered Devices with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

I received some questions today from a customer on WIndows Mobile 6 in combination with Exchange 2007. Lot’s of good information on this over on the Microsoft site :

This guide provides best practices and procedures for implementing a mobile messaging system with Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6 powered devices and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Document Structure

The guide is divided into two main sections:

  • The first section, Deploying Mobile Messaging, provides an overview of new features and deployment best practices; mobile messaging architecture alternatives and recommendations; and an introduction to Direct Push Technology.
    Deploying Mobile Messaging
  • The second section, Windows Mobile 6 and Exchange Server 2007 Deployment Procedures, provides the steps and procedures necessary to install a mobile messaging system. This includes setting up Exchange Server 2007, creating a protected communications environment, configuring Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 or third-party firewall, and mobile device management and configuration.
    Windows Mobile 6 and Exchange Server 2007 Deployment Procedures
Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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  1. Simon,
    Good question. Ofcourse the majority of features / functions is also supported on Exchange 2003 SP2.
    I have not come across a detailed document describing the differences between Exchange 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2007. I will look some more if this exists.
    There is a highlevel WM6 document which contains an overview of the major functions / features and also indicates the requirement for Exchange 2007. As you can see this is required for some features but the majority is supported on Exchnange 2003 SP2 (I had some issues with opening the document straight off of the site / right click and save worked for me.)

  2. Peter –
    Have you come across any problems with connecting a Windows Mobile 6 device with Exchange 2003 SP2? I received my first WM6 device today and ActiveSync works great for everything except Calendar items. For some reason it’s leaving out multiple appointments with no discernable reason as to which ones are sync’ed and which ones are not.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Brad and Peter
    I saw your posting and hope you will be able to point me in the right direction with WM6 and Exchange 2k3 sp2. I have just setup the system and can send and receive emails ok through desktops but when I try to sync a smartphone mob6 with exchange it tries for some time no error messages but to no avail. Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

  4. Hi diverdan
    please send me an email with a bit more details of your environment and I will see if I can be of any help ..

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