Unify : Complete migration of Lotus Notes applications to the Microsoft Office System and Java platform

Unify has a solution called composer for the migration of Lotus Notes Domino applications to Microsoft Office System or the Java platform.

… Composer is a software plus services engagement for migrating all Lotus Notes applications to a SOA on the Microsoft and Java platform. Only Unify provides a comprehensive migration for the complex, workflow-centric Notes applications in addition to the less intricate, yet pervasive, Lotus Notes template-based applications.

We call this production to production. We take a production Lotus Notes application, utilize Composer, and deliver a production-ready .NET, ASP.NET or Java application.

Composer consists of a comprehensive Assessment, Migration, and Optimization process to modernize Lotus Notes applications such as template-based discussion groups and documents repositories to complex workflow and integrated backend systems. …


Source : Unify.com