Scoble: Microsoft “rebooted the Web” yesterday

Robert Scoble gave his take on the Microsft Silverlight launch and the impact it may have on “the web” …

… One way you can tell how good a product launch is by waiting for the day after effect. Are people still talking about it? Still excited? Does it cause people like Steve Gillmor to change opinions?

The answer after reading all my feeds is yes. And the real story hasn’t even been written. Last night I asked Scott Guthrie whether he thought Google would use Silverlight. He told me he thinks they’ll have to at some point.

In the past, I would probably have written that off as some kind of corporate hubris. But not this time.

I can see Microsoft coming at Google with a raft of stuff built on top of Silverlight. For end users at home it’ll look slicker, feel better, and have far better video quality than anything Google can throw at Windows users with YouTube/Flash/etc.

Is it enough yet to say that Microsoft has an internet strategy? Not quite.

But the foundation has been built. … 

Link to Microsoft “rebooted the Web” yesterday

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