The Final Candidate : SharePoint Review and evaluation articles

Very thorough approach to the evaluation of SharePoint in relation to Content Management. Almost on a weekly basis they publish an article on a specific topic of SharePoint.

Technologies & Products

This section will detail the “ingredients” that are required and available to compose modern content solutions. The concept behind the approach we have taken at The Final Candidate is simple: a platform that centrally provides access to assets and all kinds of content reduces the administrative workload significantly. And a mainstream workflow technology, also anchored in this platform, allows to replace simple automation and scripts in order to gain significant efficiency improvements. But another major benefit of utilizing such a platform is that the vendors that provide the product components to extend the platform can now focus on their core strength and the value they can add with their offerings, instead of reinventing common wheels.

We at The Final Candidate have been testing the new SharePoint release intensely since its release in November 2006 and have good reasons to believe that it will achieve significant adoption within the year.

We will start this section with an overview of the SharePoint platform. On a weekly basis we’ll publish articles on the following areas, which we consider most important as a platform:

  1. Architecture & Scalability
  2. Workflow
  3. Metadata and Version Control of Assets
  4. Administration & Maintenance new!
  5. Security Concepts
  6. User Experience

After covering SharePoint we will start to publish evaluations of product components that add core functionality and value to the platform.

Source: The Final Candidate