Sun’s McNealy Proposes Merging ODF with Chinese Counterpart

SUN seems to have a big desire to emphasize competition and increased complexity … Why not put this effort in interoperability ?

… In a trade conference convened earlier this week by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Sun Microsystems Chairman Scott McNealy suggested that what he described as the world’s #2 and #3 office document formats – OpenDocument Format (ODF) and the Chinese standard Uniform Office Format (UOF) – could go up against the #1 format from Microsoft more effectively if they were to be merged.

The news comes from Andy Updegrove, a respected Massachusetts attorney and a member of the board of directors of the Linux Foundation, who is a featured speaker at this conference and who attended McNealy’s keynote speech. As Updegrove reports on his blog, McNealy’s suggestion appears to be the first signal made by any ODF proponent of that side’s willingness to partner with one of Asia’s burgeoning business standards. …