Microsoft UC Team : More cross platform loveliness

The Microsoft Unified Communication Team a nice insight to the interconnection between the Windows Live Messenger platform and XBOX Live. May 7 this will go live … I like the figures as well : 260M Windows Live users and 6M XBOX Live users …

xboxliveOne of the things I really love about what we do a Microsoft is that sometimes we like to ‘break the rules’,  not in the sense that we do something we shouldn’t,  more that we do things that should have been done a long time ago.

One of the more recent examples of this is Shadowrun,  a game that you can play online across PC and XBOX … cross platform … how cool is that!

Well,  the boys and girls at XBOX Live and Windows Live Messenger have teamed up to announce a connection between the 260 million Windows Live Messenger users to the 6 million XBOX Live users. 

This means from May 7th,  gamers will be able to chat with their friends no matter whether they are on the XBOX 360 or Windows Live Messenger…. this truly is another example of us ‘breaking the rules’ and connecting two great communities together …. lets hope they add voice and video soon after!

For more detail on the above announcement as well as other details on what will be released on the 7th,  pop along to the press release.

Link to More cross platform loveliness