Forrester: Single Employee Portal Vision Escapes Many Companies

Okay, its wrong to draw conclusions based on solely the summary of an analysis, but in this case its a topic that is close to my heart.

The portal as the ultimate integration point for all information. I absolutely disagree. I have not come across a successful project that has achieved this. Even this small summary by Forrester shows the contradiction :

IN the first part Forrester indicates that the organisations surveyed still hang on to the vision of 1 unified portal and in the latter part they say that organsiations must ‘broaden their perspectives’ …

I strongly believe that the portal should not be an objective in itself. With Web 2.0 technology; blogs, wikis, RSS , etc users are in control of when, how, where they access information, share information, collaborate, etc.

What are your thoughts ?

Despite significant investment and 10 years of building employee portals, most large enterprises have failed to realize the vision of a single, unified portal for employees. We recently polled 25 large companies to see if their flame was still burning for getting to a single employee portal. The answer was a resounding “yes.” But it sounds like this flame must continue to burn for years before a single employee portal will become a reality. To get to that single employee portal, information and knowledge management professionals must broaden their perspectives beyond portals when considering how best to deliver applications and content to information workers.

Link to Single Employee Portal Vision Escapes Many Companies

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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