Ferris Research: Microsoft "Tanjay" Phones

David Senguputa of Ferris Research gives a bit more insight in to Microsoft “Tanjay”; a new line of IP Phones ..

… Microsoft is gradually taking the wraps off its new phones, code named Tanjay. These include two form factors of desktop phone and a Bluetooth earbud. None of the devices are shipping yet.

The phones support name-based dialing using a large touch screen that displays presence information (Available, Be right back, DND, In call, Out of office, etc.) for colleagues you work closely with. Your presence is easy to see and set. Early prototypes that have been shown publicly have had buttons for: headset, volume, mute, help, messages, Exchange 2007 calendar, Exchange 2007 call log, redial, conference call, and forward. (These options will likely change somewhat by ship time.) When the devices are connected to the network, they support automatic network discovery and provisioning. …

Link to Microsoft “Tanjay” Phones