Your feedback is requested on a whitepaper ‘The Advantages of a Hosted Messaging Security Solution’ …

David Spark, the author of this whitepaper requested me to request anyone interested to participate, so please do …

The whitepaper is located on his wiki (link below).


David Spark here.

I left a message on your board about getting yourself and you readers engaged in a discussion on the debate: hosted vs. in-house messaging. I posted something similar to this message.

I’m an editor working on behalf of Microsoft to manage the development of a commissioned whitepaper about hosted messaging entitled “The Advantages of a Hosted Messaging Security Solution” by Osterman Research.

I do a daily tech blog myself at It’s actually a radio report I do twice a week for a local progressive talk station (960, The Quake) here in San Francisco.

The whitepaper has been posted online as a wiki ( – Head over there and you’ll see my photo. 🙂 ) and it argues that paying a hosting company to manage your messaging costs less or the same as if you were to build and manage your own messaging system. Especially for mid-sized businesses.

The whitepaper is highly opinionated and bases its pro-hosting argument on its belief that the last year has been a critical year for messaging and that it’s only going to get worse from here on in.

You can check out the discussion section of the Executive Summary of the wiki to see where else people are discussing this topic (

So I invite you and anyone you deem appropriate to forward this message to, to take a look at the wiki and make your comments and edits to it. I’m really eager to see how people in the industry perceive this issue. Feel free to blog about it as well.

You’ll have to register with the wiki to post messages or make changes. Also, if you want people to know who you are, sign your post. You can do that by clicking the second icon from the right when you’re in edit mode.

Please feel free to blog and or forward this message. I’ve got plenty more to say on this, so please ping me back.

I look forward to your comments.

David Spark


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Peter de Haas

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