With Google you Search with MSN you FInd

Borrowing Michael Kogeler’s post :

Great video on soapbox about why MSN search is better than Google…

Video: Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Link to With Google you Search with MSN you FInd

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  1. Ian,
    Come on lighten up a little bit. My guess is this is more intended as humour than a conspiracy theory related marketing approach.
    In the end provinding the most accurate search results for end users is what it takes but other things are / remin important as well. Google is expanding their reach also a “little bit” 😉

  2. I am sure that the fact that Eddie McGuire, the game show host of “Who Wants to be a Millionnaire” is also the Chairman of the Channel 9 TV Network and that the Nine Television Network has a partnership with Microsoft in the 9MSN Consortium, and that this business relationship and his own shareholdings has nothing to do with the comments that Eddie made on his show negatively comparing MSN Searches with Google searches.
    In my opinion this conflict of interest renders his comments biased and slanted towards his corporate and personal business interests.
    I guess it also demonstrates that the MSN Search engine is also biased towards Microsofts own business interests rather than necessarily providing a better or more accurate search result for end users.

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