SharePoint 2007 and Windows WorkFlow Foundation: Integrating Divergent Worlds features a good article on Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows SharePoint Services 2007. SharePoint has out-of-the-box workflow support, but this article digs a bit deeper and shows how this can be adapted / enhanced …

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2007 is the first Microsoft server that has native support for the Windows WorkFlow Foundation (WF). The integration of WF and the 2007 release of SharePoint provides an infrastructure that drives processes around SharePoint’s strong suit: collaboration and sharing of information. This release focuses on document-centric workflows, the procedures that a particular document goes through in its lifecycle (be they reviewing, editing, or approval). The new edition enables you to attach and run a process directly in a SharePoint document or list item. Additionally, the workflows within SharePoint spotlight human-based endeavors, tasks driven by human interaction as opposed to static, automated programmatic steps.

To examine the process, this article follows a report that needs to be approved before publication:

  1. A document containing a report can automatically generate an Approval workflow, or the author can initialize it manually and select the individuals who need to approve it.
  2. The workflow assigns approval tasks to those people and they are notified of their tasks via email.
  3. They can assign their choice by clicking “approve” or “reject” on a special form provided by the workflow.
  4. When all approvals are completed, the author receives notification that the report has been approved (or rejected) and it is ready for publication.

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