Microsoft and Ford announce In-car system : Sync

You’ve most likely already read a lot about this announcement. In itself it is not unique, Microsoft already provides onboard technology for several other car vendors such as BMW and Fiat. Today being in the car without email is a period of relative rest / unwinding. Being able to also actively listen to / dictate email in the car will add to the productivity, but is not the main feature I would prefer. Music (connecting the Zune 🙂 ) is enough.

… Microsoft and Ford unveiled an in-car system called Sync that lets customers access a variety of digital products, such as cell phones, handheld computers, portable music players and other USB-based storage devices.

The product, based on Microsoft Auto software, allows customers to use voice commands for accessing contacts and performing other functions. Ford’s contributions to the mobile application include a dashboard for visualizing connected devices and buttons built into the steering wheel for so-called hands-free access.

The application will also convert text messages received by the phones into audio files to which users can listen so they can keep their eyes on the road.

Ford Sync

Bill Gates alluded to the unique challenge of developing technology for in-car use during his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. …

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