Internet Research Group : A Month of Kernel Bugs

This gives quite a different perspective on Microsoft’s position in this field .. (Microsoft is the very very small red piece of the pie)

Our friends at Symantec produce a regularly interesting set of reports as part of the Deepsight™ service. A recent one analyzed the results of a month long study of reported kernel bugs and was particularly interesting. One of the summary graphs at the end shows where the 30 discovered bugs were found (reprinted here with the kind permission of Symantec).  As a regular reader knows part of our mission is to help understand key strategies from the likes of Cisco and Microsoft. Microsoft has been investing time and effort really trying to improve security. As this chart shows few of the kernel bugs were discovered in Windows, which doesn’t surprise Microsoft but probably isn’t what a lot of Silicon Valley Engineers would have guessed.

Link to A Month of Kernel Bugs