Forrester: Wikis Change The Meaning Of "Groupthink"

As always the Forrester materials are ‘paid for’ services, so apologies for anyone who does not have access. The conclusions in the text below may not be rocketscience, but worthwhile taking note of. I do agree with the analysis below, Wikis are part of the toolset and the better it is integrated with the overall Collaboration platform and things like Enterprise Search, the more effective it will support the users and the organsiation for that matter. Wikis in the Microsoft world run on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Wikis have the potential to streamline a diverse range of business activities: developing documentation and policies; creating meeting agendas and minutes; writing course syllabi; preparing reports; doing competitive analysis; developing new products; brainstorming ideas or strategies; and much more. Early adopters use wikis internally and with customers and partners to do what no other widely available collaboration or content authoring tool allows them to do: seamlessly capture the output of human minds working collectively toward a common goal. While wikis are not suitable for authoring documents that require a high level of precision, auditability, and rigor, wikis will transform how information workers capture knowledge and collaborate. Wiki technology adoption will accelerate rapidly during the next 12 to 18 months, but wiki software products will not survive as a standalone segment of the technology market. Wiki technology is already beginning to function as the basis of basic business applications and is being absorbed into enterprise content management (ECM) suites and enterprise collaboration platforms.

Link to Wikis Change The Meaning Of “Groupthink”

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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