Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Document: Using Blogs and Wikis in Business

This paper provides business and technical discussion about the use of wikis and blogs in the business environment. The use of wikis and blogs (Weblogs) in business is the latest development in the fast-moving content publishing revolution that has been created by the Internet and Web technologies. Like all technological advances, they are already affecting the way we work.
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 now offers both wikis and blogs, so business and technical decision-makers can understand what the technologies offer and the technical and business considerations for their adoption. The wide-ranging business and technical impact of wikis and blogs means that the information about uses and management is pertinent to many staff members within a company, because of the enormous variety of business applications of blogs and wikis.
The paper includes discussion and examples of uses that are relevant to board, business, and technical managers, such as program management, departmental and organizational collaboration, partner team working, and compliance.

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