My worst nightmare :Peterdehaas.(com) is the correct website to visit us on..

As predicted, the response of the new domainowner only took a few hours. Read all about it in his most recent blogpost. In fact he is now impersonating to be me (do I sound schydzo already ?) … Any suggestions are more than welcome …

Did you know I was surfing the net the other day only to find some one had copied my blog, and (Domain name ) and are even displaying  my email address ! (Yes, it can happen !)

I have been blogging for years as you will know and this Spam company is using the peter de haas content, please make sure you (only link to peter de


 The site concerned has told people they have moved web address this is not true and you should not fall for this, they use a hotmail public address the real address to contact us on is iinfo at peterdehaasdotcom

Please make sure your site points to our website which is the correct one not to .org, etc,  Once again the correct address is www.peterdehaas dot com

I have also provided a new look to my blog, to stop the confusion !      

Do not be taken in by these people who claim to be us as they do look “authentic” as they are using my templates and my images and even displaying my email address,  just remember this is cyberspace and it is easy to get taken in by these people, the proper site is “www.peterdehaas(.com)” these people tell you all sorts of things so YOU think they are peterdehaas(.com), please update your blog so you link only to peterdehaas(.com)

All this happened when I was away on vacation only to be told that I was no longer blogging, the truth is YES I am, please make sure you spread the word that www.peterdehaas dot com is the correct website.

I think it is time to take action and I need your help. Please can you check your blog roll etc to make sure it links to us at www.peterdehaas dot com as this spam company may of emailed you with there made up stories to fool you that they have changed websites etc…… 

If you don’t change the links they will most likely promote interesting “best deals” or maybe even porn sites in the future. 

Please check that you are linking to the correct website-

Thanks for you help and understanding.

Best wishes,

Peter de

(I have removed the links from this post ..)