2007 : More Google

One of my objectives for 2007 is to get more ‘into Google’ …

From a professional perspective a lot of my work requires to have brought knowledge of the competitive marketplace. I have been able to build and maintain what I think is an acceptable level through RSS feeds of Blogs and Technology related websites. I think this is also the reason why I am still highly motivated to blog around in the blogosphere; my blogging has a purpose for me :

  • Staying on top of Technology related information
  • Get insight to the different perspectives (competitive / Analyst, etc.) on this information
  • Organising information relevant to me (and hopefully others with similar objectives) on my blog. My blog is like my filecabinet for the last (almost) 3 years).

When reading a post by Ed Brill the other day on his objectives for 2007 with regards to what to read and what not I was triggered to review my list against my objectives.

For those who have been following Microsoft’s developments in the area of the Information Worker business may have noticed that this spans a lot of different area’s. With the introduction of the 2007 Office System and Exchange 2007 this has only increased.Next to that the developments of Windows Live and the related Office Live are also increasing by the day.

My objectives for 2007 are still in the making, but on the top of my list is : More Google. The reasons for this are multiple but the main two are :

  1. It is a (the?) major competitor to Microsoft in many aspects.
  2. They are creating new services like rabbits and are creating huge momentum which, if not from a competitive perspective, is interesting to watch how they influence the Technology market.

Over the next couple of weeks I will review / reorganise / renew my blogrolls. Any suggestions you may have for Google related blogs / sites are welcome …