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I read a post by Ed Brill today on testdriving Google Trends. The competitive spirit in me was triggered by an attempt to compare the trend (popularity) between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook ?

The overall trend line is downward, but that doesn’t worry me much — the same is true for the competition. Speaking of competition, several readers noted the comparative trends for Lotus Notes vs. Microsoft Outlook — Almost identical (blue = Notes, red = Outlook) …

So I thought what would be other good queries to compare trends ?

IBM, Microsoft :


Lotus Notes, SharePoint :


Sametime, LCS :


There must be dozens more either way, but these are a good conformation of my perception; especially on the RTC front (Sametime vs LCS) as of the middle of 2005 is quite clear …

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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  1. Peter. This is based on Google Searches and news items.
    Of course MS products get searched more than any other vendors. They’re looking for help to get them working.
    And of course, MS products always get more coverage ? Why ? Well, there’s the pre-announcement – with lots of features. Then the weekly revision – where features are cut. Then the inevitable speculation from Gartner that its not going to ship on time. Followed by Mini-MSFT confirming its not going to ship on time. Repeat, until the thing finally ships, and then of course all the reviews of the “new” product, bemoaning all the features that have not been implemented (Kodiak in Exchange, WinFS in Vista – hell – most of Vista, etc, etc), and all the stuff that needs to be fixed. Then SP1 gets announced, and the whole non-news cycle starts again. Quite exhausting, the MS hype machine, really…
    Always a simple solution. Glad to be of assistnace.
    —* Bill

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