Microsoft’s Application Transporter 2006 for Lotus Domino

This tool was formerly referred to as the Microsoft Data Migrator 2006, I like the new name better …

As of today Microsoft is shipping the new Microsoft Application Transporter 2006 for Lotus Domino, as well as updated versions of Application Analyzer 2006 and the Exchange-Lotus Notes Mail Connector. The Microsoft Application Transporter 2006 is a tool that transfers data from Lotus Notes applications to Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).

These tools will help customers make the transition from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft collaboration platform easier, faster and more cost effectively.

Key features of the new Microsoft Application Transporter 2006

• Designed to migrate data from Lotus Notes applications to WSS.

• Ability to do custom data mapping from Lotus Notes to WSS.

• Out-of-box migration support for Lotus Notes to WSS Discussion, Team Work Sites and Document Libraries

• Migrate custom applications using modified data mapping files.


A number of the existing tools are also updated :

Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006

• New Reports include Templates, Replicas and Usage.

• Flag when Last Accessed dates are not accurate, and use Last Modified dates.


Exchange-Lotus Notes Mail Connector

• Improved processing of recurring meeting updates.

• Internet Mail processing when Domino is the Internet Bridgehead.

• Several stability fixes.


You can visit the CollabTools Blog and get updated news on these and other tools


All of the technical guidance and tools for Lotus Notes Migration and Coexistence are available from: