Microsoft Poised To Take A Big Chunk Of The Security Market

Yes, there’s a range of products already there and coming. Especially the solutions for the consumer market will hopefully lead to broader implementation of antivirus and antispam and somewhat lower the burder for all …

The speculation is over: Microsoft is entering the security market. In 2006, Microsoft will launch a bevy of client and messaging security products aimed at consumers, enterprises, and SMBs. However, despite its progress on security, Microsoft will find it difficult to sell a security solution to consumers and businesses that are skeptical of its ability to protect even its own operating system. Microsoft’s products will start off at a functional disadvantage, which competitors will take advantage of by accelerating their evolution toward integrated suites that manage a range of client and network security functions. Still, Microsoft is building a credible offering that, like many of its other endeavors, will start by appealing most to buyers focused on price and simplicity. Here we address security chiefs’ top questions about Microsoft’s new security forays.

[Via Recent Research from Forrester]