David Ferris: Teamspaces Supplant File Systems

Cool to see that Microsoft SharePoint is already the leading example of teamspaces :-).

I do agree by the way that the structure provided by teamsites (e.g. Microosft SharePoint 🙂 ) are the logical next step in the evolution of fileshares / network folders. They certainly will become the standard in years to come …

Shared file systems used to be, and still are, common places to keep shared information. Shared email folders are another place to keep common information.

Teamspaces (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint) contain a lot of structure. Among other things, they have a file store. As users get familiar with teamspaces, they often find that teamspaces are a more natural place to save files than in file servers. This intuition is often well-placed. Teamspaces will be important information repositories.

In many ways, consumers are leading the way here with the use of social teamspaces, such as Myspace.

[Via Ferris Research Weblog]