Microsoft, MCI Partner on IM Calling

This was announced this week (13/12/05). As you can see also MSN Messenger is being rebranded into Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live is rapidly turning into a platform …
Adding telephony features to the new version is more than just a nice feature. Lot’s of solutions out there already without argument, but imagine the scale in which this is going to be available.
The pricing is still high I would say compared to SkypeOut, VOIP Buster and others, but having this services delivered through MCI may mean a different (I mean higher) Quality Of Service.

Microsoft and MCI on Tuesday announced the formation of a multiyear partnership to bring VoIP calling to Redmond’s next generation messaging client. Called Windows Live Call, the feature will be tested as part of a limited beta of Windows Live Messenger, which is set to begin this week.