COMPUSA – Electronics Retailer Streamlines Communications with Portal Solution

CompUSA transitioning from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft platform

CompUSA has become one of the best-known retailers of computers and electronics in the United States through rapid expansion of its “superstores” across the country. For years the company relied on Lotus Notes for communicating with store managers. However, the large volumes of e-mail and a lack of effective rules and procedures in Notes for managing communications made it hard for managers to keep up with important information. To help boost profits through streamlined communications with store managers and other employees, the company deployed a Microsoft®-based communications and collaboration solution that includes Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2003. Scheduled for completion late in 2005, the solution is expected to make it easier to manage targeted e-mail to store managers and provide employees with greater access to information.

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