Microsoft Releases Office Communicator Mobile to Beta

More “coolness” on the Microsoft RTC front. Office Communicator is going mobile. Again and again you see eveidence of Microsoft constant improvements on the (Real TIme) Collaboration front :

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday released to beta its Office Communicator Mobile client, which extends the instant messaging and presence awareness of its LCS to smart phones and PDAs based on the Windows Mobile operating system.

Office Communicator Mobile will also allow Live Communications Server users to make voice over IP calls from Wi-Fi-enabled Windows Mobile phones to PCs and vice versa while within the corporate network, said Paul Duffy, senior product manager for Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile, in Redmond, Wash.

The mobile client’s user interface is based on the Office Communicator 2005 desktop client, which in June of this year replaced Windows Messenger as Microsoft’s preferred client for LCS.

General availability of Office Communicator Mobile is slated for the first half of 2006.

Source : eWeek