IBM has an “MS Office Killer” by the end of this year

I came across this article in several blogposts. It states that IBM may have a potential MS Office killer at hand by the end of this year …

The journalist that wrote the article called IBM to find out more :

…In an telephone interview earlier today, IBM vice president of Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Products Ken Bisconti told me that IBM not only has an ODF-compliant solution in the works, but that it will also be released by the end of the year. That solution is IBM’s Workplace. Built on top of IBM’s Java 2 Enterprise Edition-based Websphere application server stack, Workplace can trace its pedigree to the collaboration technologies found in Lotus Domino/Notes and to Big Blue’s portal technologies, typically based on WebSphere….

So it’s based on IBM Workplace. I am not sure what the exact scale of implementation / marketshare of Workplace is, but it is not big. The incentive for companies to switch to Workplace and rip out MS Office seems to be ODF ?
I agree that the discussion on Open Document Format is relevant, but by no means it will justify moving to Workplace.