The value of Microsoft LiveMeeting’s integration

Simon Barratt posted a friendly blogpost about the new LiveMeeting add-in. Basicly it comes down to the fact that a LiveMeeting can be started from within almost any Microsoft application …Nice to see some shortcomings of SameTime …again …

I just came across this download on Microsoft’s site.

Exposing how to set up a web conference from within users key applications is a good idea.  One complaint we get with Sametime, is that it is too complicated to setup a meeting
to collaborate on a document.  Having this ability right inside of Excel or Word, seems like a good idea.  It exposes the functionality and make it easy to use.

IBM should take note.  I can’t imagine it would be difficult to do that same sort of thing with Sametime.  In fact, it should be even easier – the Sametime server in question,
is more than likely going to be a server that is already hosted within the company.

[Via Simon Barratt]