Motorola Q Aims to Unseat RIM’s BlackBerry

Links: Motorola Q Aims to Unseat RIM’s BlackBerry.

The design of Motorola’s planned new wireless personal digital assistant (PDA) closely resembles the Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry and supports Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. RIM now faces its biggest threat ever.

Isn’t this great ? The frequent readers of my weblog know that I’ve constantly stated the RIM BlackBerry has great momentum, BUT also a short lifespan.
With the introduction of numerous new Windows Mobile devices and Exchange Service Pack 2 Gartner makes some serious recommendations which are not in favour of RIM Blackberry …


Organizations using BlackBerrys: Test the willingness of BlackBerry users to switch. If they are willing, examine alternative wireless e-mail gateways that support stronger offline development environments and could possibly lower costs.

Organizations acquiring wireless PDAs: Evaluate the Q alongside other devices, including the BlackBerry, to select the best wireless solution for your operation. Consult the upcoming Gartner wireless e-mail Magic Quadrant for guidance.

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