Role Agent for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005

Role Agent is a sample Microsoft Windows service application that implements a role-based messaging agent for managing sessions and for brokering and dispatching instant messages between users and members of a defined group. The RoleBot sample application is built on the .NET Framework and is written in C#. The base component of this application is a base class derived from the Real-time Communications (RTC) API 1.3. The RTC API 1.3 contains a set of COM interfaces and methods for building real-time communications applications and the interop assembly used in this application provides a managed wrapper for the API.


  • You must install Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 to build the agent.
  • You must have the RTC Client API v1.3 SDK installed to build the agent and the RTCDLL V1.3 installed to run the agent.
  • There is no support for this sample code.

You can find the sample here

[Via Demolition BLOG]