More independent research quoted in the market share discussion IBM vs Microsoft

Sure some call it FUD: in my opinion simply because it doesn’t meet their needs. I haven’t seen the IDC report quoted in this article below. The stuff I’ve quoted from the article does stand out, because the rest is about an initiative by IBM to introduce a blogengine as a component in Workplace.

I’m just adding these statistics to my collection.

The new widgets certainly can’t hurt, given IBM’s struggle to maintain its place in the market for integrated collaborative environments. Both IDC and Gartner Inc. recently came out with studies showing that Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange rules the market, with IBM’s Lotus Notes barely keeping pace.

IDC’s report found that Microsoft controlled 51 percent of the market in 2004, compared with IBM’s 40 percent. The situation is improving for IBM, which grew its market share 5 percent last year and which had three solid quarters more recently, according to Mark Levitt, vice president of collaborative computing for IDC.

But compared with Microsoft’s growth of 23 percent over the same time frame, IBM is just limping along.

[Via Messaging and Collaboration]