ILTA’s 2005 E-Mail Survey

Aparently Lotus Notes is taking a big hit in the Legal sector; their market share among the organsiations surveyed is only 6%. The string marketshare of Microsoft Exchange is recognised by the report.

The gradual decline of firms using Lotus Notes is not surprising given the domination of Exchange in the larger market. It is of interest that the 3% Notes response in our survey represents 6% of the installed seats. This means that the remaining firms are some of the largest in our industry, and a conversion from that platform will be a significant undertaking. We may therefore see the responses “plateau” at this level for the next couple of yearsThis is a quote from the ITLA report on their 2005 E-Mail survey.

ILTA’s fourth annual e-mail survey. This year’s survey responses represent 456 organizations employing over80,000 attorneys and 200,000 total users. The report can be downloaded here