Active Directory Integration with Domino

Bill Buchan finished a project of integrating Domino with Active Directory. Could be an interesting solution; from a migration perspective 😉

.. Two years ago, I started to integrate FirM with Microsoft Active Directory. Recently, I’ve just completed another assignment, again integrating Domino with Active Directory.

Its not really that hard – especially from Lotusscript. You can use COM based calls directly from script, and that seems to work. However, what we quickly found using that approach was that any sort of error, and you would get a COM subsystem failure, and that lead to instability for the rest of the session. Lots of blue-screens and whatnot.

So being the geek that I am, I architected the back-end code for FirM and Active Directory using an LSX – a LotusScript Xtension DLL. Its a cross-platform coding standard for Lotus Notes – and it presents itself as a class within Lotusscript – in the same manner as say "NotesDocument". Excellent stuff. (Check out the LSX Toolkit on the Lotus Downloads area. Its not for the faint-hearted, believe me..) …

Checkout Bill’s post at : Wild Bill’s Blog