On the Move …

There, I have made the decision to move blog services.
I have been playing around with Typepad for 2 days and I think it meets all my needs. I migrated over all my blog posts and have started the tremendous effort of linking the posts to various categories, after all this is what I wanted.

There’s 1 downside …the comments… they are not migrated automaticly and I am not sure whether or not I should take the effot of migrating them manually.
I will leave my blog on Blogger for the time being, so they can still be accessed. Maybe what I’ll do is link them somehow, I’ll see.

This evening I’ve made the changes to my DNS setting for the peterdehaas(.com) domain, so that will be operational tomorrow most likely.

So … this is the last post on Blogger if I can help it …

Just in case : the temporary URL for my English blog is : http://peterdehaas.typepad.com/peter_de_haas_weblog_in_e/