Blog censorship gains support

Blog censorship gains support | CNET “Most Americans believe bloggers should not be allowed to publish sensitive personal information about individuals, according to a new survey.
Web hosting company Hostway this week released the results of its poll of 2,500 Americans on blogging. Eighty percent of respondents did not believe that bloggers should be allowed to publish home addresses and other personal information about private citizens.
A further 72 percent favored censorship of personal information about celebrities, and 68 percent, information about elected or appointed government officials such as judges or mayors.
However, more than one-third of respondents had never heard of blogs before participating in the survey, and only around 30 percent of participants had actually visited a blog themselves.
While Americans were concerned about free speech, the survey revealed more moderate attitudes when it compared bloggers to journalists.” ….

Very funny survey that is. Over 30% of the respondents had never heard of blogging, but they did have an opinion about censorship with regards to blogging. Free speech is a big thing in The Netherlands, especially caused by recent incidents around religion, etc. The majority of people (and there are always exceptions) know when to stop.

Blogging isn’t any different that other forms of expression, however you have to be aware of the consequences. News travels fast(er) and once you’ve said and regret it, it is too late; it is blogged for ever (been there, done that).