Ed Brill: Gary Devendorf mediates class attendance

A big public thank you to Gary Devendorf.  Through his efforts, I’m (again) scheduled to attend the Lotus Notes Migration Workshop here in Chicago (at IBM Plaza, no less) on Monday next week.  I just spoke with Asentus to confirm that the mix-up has been cleared up.

Gary and his colleagues were also a positive presence at Lotusphere last week.  I admit publicly that I was skeptical when I saw that they were registered to exhibit, but everyone I spoke with said that they stuck to their stated objective of focusing on integration between IBM Lotus and Microsoft solutions.

know y’all think I can only say negative things about Microsoft, but twice in two weeks, Gary and others have demonstrated their professionalism and focus on the customer.  I’m still watching my back ;), but this can only be good news for the marketplace overall.

[Via Ed Brill]