InformationWeek: WinOE To Make Beta Play

InformationWeek > WinOE > WinOE To Make Beta Play > januari 14, 2005: “Microsoft this summer plans to begin beta-testing its workflow software and framework for the next-generation Windows client and server franchises.
According to sources, the workflow code, currently dubbed WinOE (Windows orchestration engine), is a set of XML schemas, APIs and workflow components for Visual Studio 2005 that will enable more business-process automation on the Microsoft platform.
Built from the ground up by Microsoft’s BizTalk team, WinOE is expected to be generally available in mid-2006 first as an add-on for the .Net framework and the Whidbey version of Visual Studio. Microsoft plans to offer later in the year an enhanced version of WinOE as an add-on service for Windows XP, 2000 and the next generation of Windows, code-named Longhorn. The Redmond, Wash.-based vendor plans to make its future applications including Office 12, SharePoint Portal Server, Content Management Server, CRM, Microsoft Business Solutions and BizTalk 2006 ‘WinOE-aware,’ sources said.
‘WinOE is the next evolution of orchestration that will work across all Microsoft products,’ one partner said. BizTalk 2006, code-named Pathfinder and slated for beta-testing by year’s end, will use the existing workflow orchestration engine based on Visio. Its successor, due in 2008, will use the new WinOE, sources said. “