CRN: Exchange 12 in 2006 or 2007

CRN quotes David Thompson, Microsoft VP in charge of Exchange, and provides insight into the future path for Exchange in their ‘breaking news’ article Microsoft Redrafts Mail Plan With Exchange 12

It is still JET, but it should fly even better.

"The next version of Exchange, or E-12, will build on an improved version of Exchange’s current "JET" engine, and surface in the Office 12 time frame, Microsoft executives said this week."

"E-12 … promises voice mail integration, continuous backup, better search, support for WSDL and other Web services specifications, and 64-bit Windows Server."

"Also on the list are security enhancements, including promised  ‘Edge Services’ incremental updates, as well as new ‘policy compliance infrastructure.’"


Here is a list of some of the major IT News sources covering this roadmap development:

William Lefkovics

[Via MS Exchange Blog ]