Paris report: Open-source move could be costly

Paris report: Open-source move could be costly | CNET “The assistant said: ‘The scenario of a near-term massive migration to open source, i.e., a complete and immediate change, appeared incompatible with the original state of the technology and systems, which the audit carried out in 2001 highlighted the age of.’
He added: ‘Furthermore, it would mean significant additional costs without improving the service provided.'”

…Officials wouldn’t go into more detail on the costs in question, but Liberation, a French daily, gave the figure of $70.6 million (57 million euros) over five years, which it said was the cost of “changing Microsoft tools to open-source (ones) in the most ambitious scenario.” The lion’s share–nearly $12.4 million a year–would be spent on things like training staff how to use the new software. …

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