Jan Baan Takes On Software Giants

Baan details how his new company, Cordys, will compete with SAP, IBM/PeopleSoft and Microsoft in the collaboration market.

…Given that Cordys is essentially a startup, how do you anticipate competing against the likes of SAP, IBM and Microsoft?

We don’t consider Cordys a startup. A company with 550 employees is not a startup. The technology we built during the last couple of years, while we were in stealth mode, is not being considered ground breaking. There is no startup that could have afforded investing so much in technology and products, before hitting the market, as Cordys is doing now. [Cordys is funded privately by Baan’s charitable holding company, Oikonomos Foundation, and through the sale of technology to none other than SAP.]

Cordys technology is one of our differentiators from the competition: We solve the current issues with legacy systems at our customer’s [business] with Cordys technology that in itself is completely legacy-free. And we build this software with many talented people on one floor—which is just another ultimate collaboration platform!

Next to this, as a company Cordys is relatively small, very flexible and agile, and we’re fast at decision making. Cordys does not have shareholders that are eager for short term results. This enables us to put the client’s needs first and deeply invest both capital and knowledge in developing and delivering the best possible solution for their business issues…

[Via eWEEK Technology News]

Haven’t looked into Cordys much to date. They have been developing this for the past few years and it seems to be highly regarded by Gartner. Recognition is one thing, sales is another. But it is not a start up as you can see …

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