Samsung’s new hard drive cellphone: competition for PMC

Samsung SPH-V5400

We got the hook up on the specs for Samsung’s new SPH-V5400, the world’s first cellphone with a built-in hard drive which they just introduced in South Korea. Besides the 1-inch 1.5GB drive, the SPH-V5400 works on high-speed EV-DO networks and has a 262,000 color, 240×320 LCD screen, a built-in one megapixel digital camera, MP3 player, digital video recording and playback with a video-out function for connecting it up to a television (and there’s room enough for 42 hours of video on the hard drive). Better still, courtesy of a USB cable it also pulls
double duty as a portable storage drive. Of course, the caveat with the SPH-V5400 is that this isn’t really something you can just buy over there and expect to be able to use over here (you probably already knew that), but that said there are tentative plans to release the phone outside of South Korea (maybe when either Verizon or Sprint build a nationwide EV-DO network?).
[Via Engadget]

There is just no end to to innovation in the mobile industry. This new Samsung device may become a serious competitor to the iPod and the Personal Media Center (PMC) and devices alike.

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