Nokia’s 9300 Communicator

Nokia’s head of UK communications gets candid with All About Symbian about the design of their new 9300 Communicator
and why they decided to leave the WiFi and camera out of the smartphone. He says it mainly has to do with feedback
they’d gotten from users of their earlier, larger 9500 Communicator who were mainly businesspeople for whom having a
built-in camera can be liability and saw WiFi mainly as a big battery drainer (uh, you could just switch it off…oh,
nevermind). Even without the camera or WiFi we’re still digging that big QWERTY keyboard and large LCD screen. Like we
said before, this one won’t be out here until sometime early next year.

[Via Engadget]

I truely wonder if there are actually people / businesses considering of buying this device. It is in no way comparable to other smartphones / pocket data devices out there.